December 20, 2018

Contentment Challenge 2019

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Goal-Setting in the New Year for Creative Entrepreneurs

You might have heard of Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge from Instagram or online somewhere else before, but if you have not heard about it before, I’ll give you a little run-down! 

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Nancy shares all about WHY she decided to embark on this journey of finding contentment in her life and saying no to material things and shopping. Several years ago, she looked around and just felt like she was always impulsively shopping and searching for things to fill her up, instead of the Lord and what truly matters. She set goals for herself to stop all shopping for the next three months. She said no to things like Target and Starbucks. And she said yes to finding joy in what she had around her already. Nancy also spent more time in the Lord’s word and surrounded by her loved ones. 

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon the Contentment Challenge and what it was all about on Instagram through my pal Kat Schmoyer. I felt incredibly inspired and immediately set that as one of my goals for the new year. With my fresh goal planner open and awaiting my thoughts and ideas, I sat down and set my guidelines on shopping (meaning: no shopping!), coffee runs, eating out, and so on. The challenge started off fairly well. But to be perfectly honest with you friends, I failed. I did not succeed in the challenge. I gave up on those goals and guidelines I had set for myself about halfway through. 

Now, what I can reflect on now is that a couple of years ago, I was still in a different place when it came to my view on finances, money, and spending. This was before that switch flipped for me. That switch flipped for me just last year in October of 2017! That switch flipping resulted in me diving HEAD FIRST into Dave Ramsey’s financial peace plan and the baby steps! So, I do think that because that switch hadn’t flipped for me yet when I attempted the Contentment Challenge the first time, it just wasn’t going to work out the way I had pictured. And it’s okay! Now, this second time around, I do have a different mindset and perspective about spending and money and all of that, so I am excited to give it another shot!

I am really excited to join in on Nancy’s Contentment Challenge, starting in January of 2019 and lasting until the end of March! I am going to share the simple guidelines I have set for myself. If you’re inspired by Nancy’s heart behind the challenge, as well as others joining in, then maybe you can use my guidelines as your own! Maybe to help you pinpoint what guidelines you want to set for yourself during the challenge!

Contentment Challenge Guidelines

Again, I need to remind y’all that these are my own guidelines. Nancy doesn’t require anything in particular for the challenge. If these resonate with you, please feel free to use them. If they do not, then don’t! 🙂 Come up with your own, as they apply to your own life and spending habits!

  1. No Starbucks
  2. Stay out of Target and off of
  3. No eating out (more than once per month)
  4. No new clothing, shoes, or accessories that I do not absolutely, positively need. Toiletries that have run out of are perfectly acceptable!
  5. Read the books I already have and are still sitting their unread! Plan to utilize my local library! (I am so guilty of buying books constantly because I do want to read them. But, then they sit in a big pile just waiting to be picked up! I need to work through what I’ve already got!)
  6. Put all money saved towards our debt in Baby Step 2

This challenge and the guidelines I have set for myself will be in place from January through March. 

If you’re curious or are wanting to start a Contentment Challenge but are feeling like you may not be able to accomplish it, it’s okay! No one is perfect, my friends. I did not complete the challenge the first time I tried. You have to remind yourself that you’re a human being. Motivation is hard to find, and not spending money can be so difficult! I get it!!! If you want to do this challenge, let me know! I’d love to cheer you on along the way; we can keep each other inspired and motivated! 

Nancy has spoken about how incredibly wonderful the challenge has been for her life. Finding contentment isn’t an easy thing, necessarily, but oh, is it worth it! Am I right?

I do plan to do a summary post in April to sum up my experience with the challenge, so stay tuned! 

Until then, let me know how I encourage you with your own Contentment Challenge! Happy New Year!


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  1. Amber

    December 20th, 2018 at 9:59 AM

    This sounds like a good one to add to my goals. Thank you for inspiring me!

  2. Bethanne

    December 26th, 2018 at 12:04 PM

    Of course! 🙂

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