December 3, 2018

Creative at Heart Conference Round 8 at WinMock in North Carolina

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Creative at Heart Conference at the WinMock at Kinderton in North Carolina

Round 8

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Just last month, I traveled down to North Carolina for round eight of the Creative at Heart Conference. This year, the conference was held at the beautiful, rustic WinMock at Kinderton in Bermuda Run. Located between Winston-Salem and Mocksville, NC, the WinMock offers an incredible setting for weddings, corporate events, retreats, and of course – creative conferences!

It is almost hard to believe, but round eight was my sixth CAH event since the conference began in early 2015. Most recently, I attended last year’s conference in Raleigh, North Carolina and served the team as a panel leader and alumni mentor. This year, I had the honor and wonderful opportunity to serve the team once again as the official conference photographer! I had so much fun photographing round six in Memphis, TN with my pal Callie Lindsey. And I was SO excited when Kat Schmoyer, founder of Creative at Heart Conference, reached out about coming back and photographing all of the events and details once again!

Over the course of four days, we reunited with old friends, gained new friendships, spent time dreaming about our business, talked about the hard stuff, laughed about the good stuff, and so much more! I walked into round eight with some thoughts and ideas. Things I had been thinking about next year and what my business would look like from here on out, but I left totally inspired. The conference ended, and I felt refreshed. I felt like I now had some serious goals on my list. I felt really, truly excited about the future. Sometime soon, I will blog some more about those dreams and goals that I have for the business and for the future, so stay tuned for that. For now, enjoy some of my favorites from our time at the WinMock!

(All vendor and educator credits will be listed below)


The wall of big dreams and wishes was one of my favorite details at this year’s conference! We were to write down our big dreams and put them in one of the pretty, pink envelopes!

After all of the set-up was complete, the educators and volunteers met for a quick meeting before all of the amazing attendees were scheduled to arrive! It was so, so fun to see so many friendly faces and catch-up on what we were up to!

So thankful for Christa’s hard work! She has such a big, servant heart, and I am so thankful we got to know each other better this year!

During the conference, we heard from amazing leaders in the creative industry. People like Shay Cochrane, Lauren Carnes, Christina Scalera, Shunta Grant, Tyler McCall, Ashlyn Carter, Davey & Krista Jones, Graham Cochrane, Abby Grace Springmann, Katelyn James, and of course – the amazing Kat Schmoyer!

Panel time is definitely one of my very favorite parts about the conference. Panels are groups of attendees and educators; they are organized by industry category. If the amount of attendees is very large, then it gets broken down even further by years in business or specific specialty. This offers an incredible opportunity for real, in-depth questions. Tears may be shed…but usually, these are when ideas are born. Lightbulbs go off. Decisions are made. Advice is given – and not just fluffy, generic advice. Real, solid, GOOD advice! This is such a crucial time during the event.

It wouldn’t be a conference without some seriously delicious treats!

Breakout sessions are another great opportunity for small groups to get together to learn more, get creative, have fun, or dive into some very specific topics! One of my favorite topics at round eight was Generosity in Business, led by Graham Cochrane. I loved how he talked about how being generous and giving with your time and resources will help you and your business even more!

It wouldn’t be a conference for creative ladies and gents if we didn’t have a beautifully styled and designed space!

We, of course, headed outside to take new headshot images for each of the attendees! I absolutely could not have done this without the help and hard work of Laura Lee Creative, Katie McGihon Photography, and Christa Rene Photography! Kat told me we accomplished headshots in about 30 minutes…and that’s pretty incredible because we photographed well over 100 people!!! I want to share a few of my favorites below from our time outside!


All images below were taken by Laura, Katie, or Christa!

Such an amazing team of women (and Matt) who worked so hard to make round 8 the best one yet!

All images below were taken by yours truly!

I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future of Creative at Heart. It has been such a wonderful honor and joy to be a part of it in some way over the years. This is a conference where I walked into a big room in early 2015…not knowing a soul…fresh in my business…and so unsure of the future. I have since gained absolutely incredible friendships, have applied education learned at the conference to my business, have left completely inspired and refreshed and ready to take on what was coming next…and I can’t recommend CAH enough!

It feels like home to me; it’s so nice to find your people in an industry where things can be hard. It can be competitive; it can be lonely. The industry can be really freakin’ hard to be in. It can get frustrating. But CAH has shown me that it can be beautiful. It can be full. It can be an abundance of laughter, love, heartfelt conversations, the best hugs, and also making things happen in your life and in your business.

I love Creative at Heart…the mission…the team…the heart behind it all. And I can’t wait to be back and experience the magic all over again!


Venue | Wimock at Kinderton

Custom Artwork + Photo Backdrop | Simply Jessica Marie

Event | Creative at Heart

Florals | Green Bee Floral Designs

Swag Bags | Avenue Twenty One

Furniture/Rentals | Paisley and Jade

Pink T-Shirts | April Bell Research Group

Late Night Treat | Your Virtual Assistant Co.

Energy Drinks | Drink The Sunshine

Videography Team | The Herrintons


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