December 31, 2018

2018: A Year in Review

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A Recap of 2018

2018 has been quite a year, and I am so excited to share this year in review post for 2018 on the blog today! Lots of travel, spending time with loved ones, capturing families, couples and boss ladies, making memories with my husband and little ones, and of course working on growing personally. This has been a pretty transformational year for me. I turned 28 recently, and I have been doing a lot of reflecting over the year. This has been a big year of growth and realizing the things that truly matter the most to me, as well as the things that do not matter and should not steal my joy.

I wanted to look back on some of the most important things that have happened over the last twelve months, both good and bad. They all contributed to my growth this year, and I have tons of great memories from the last year!

A Year in Review

  • Hosted a styled shoot in the Spring and got to work closely with some really incredible creatives! See the feature HERE!
  • Planned our first big family vacation to Disney World! We had an amazing time!
  • Photographed a surprise proposal! <—- That was something that had been on my goal list, and I am so glad I got to capture those memories for such a sweet couple in Harpers Ferry!
  • My husband and I celebrated nine years of marriage
  • Traveled to Tempe, AZ for the Showit UNITED conference for photographers
  • Traveled to Bermuda Run, NC for round eight of the Creative at Heart Conference, where I also got to serve on the team as the official conference photographer! SUCH a blast!
  • Planned a trip with close friends to Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate my 28th birthday
  • Saw Taylor Swift live in concert for the first time!
  • Seth, the kids, and Seth’s parents and I all traveled up with Philadelphia, PA early on in the year, and I surprised Seth with tickets to see The Killers live in concert!
  • Made some really big decisions about 2019; more on that to come soon!
  • Grew closer / deepened some friendships
  • Photographed nine BAP couples’ big days all over Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia
  • Read over 35 books! I had planned on reading 50, but hey…life happens and sometimes other things become a bigger priority. I am proud of the amount of books I’ve read, and the information I’ve learned through reading all of those books! You can see what I’ve read this year over on Goodreads!
  • Worked hard with the my husband to continue paying down our debt! We crossed my credit card and student loans off the list, and we will continue working on Baby Step two in 2019!
  • Spent a week with family in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over the summer
  • Had the honor of being interviewed for The Restart Specialist blog!
north myrtle beach sc family vacation
winmock creative at heart conference round 8 north carolina bethanne arthur photography
  • Received a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and started medication; plus side – I have seen a huge improvement in my health (mainly my energy and how I feel each day!)
  • I unfortunately lost my father suddenly in July; it’s been really hard and is definitely the low of the whole year
  • Surrounding myself with my closest friends and family members, of course, has been instrumental in grieving my father and remembering what is most important in life. The incredible amount of love and care shown by friends and family this year alone is, of course, my high of 2018

What I’ve Learned

After looking back at my year in review and seeing the highs and lows, I have to think about how I have learned so much. With all of the loss I’ve experienced over the last few years, including this year, I’ve definitely learned that life is too short. It’s too short not to spend it doing what you love, chasing those big dreams, and making amazing memories along the way. I have learned that sometimes, people come into your life for a short season.

2019 is going to be a big year, full of changes and new beginnings. I am going to share all about my goals for 2019 here on the blog soon, so stay tuned! I hope your 2018 was a great year! Maybe it was full of fun, travel, a growing your own business, moving, adding people to your family…let me know all about it in the comments below!

Happy New Year!


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